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- Day 21- Molotov Cocktease. Another day, another...

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My name is Melissa, or "nalem" which I prefer to go 
by online. I'm a freelance cartoonist/animator.
Originally from New York City, I moved out west
in 2006 and received my BFA from Thomas More College in Spring 2011.Now, I spend my free time drawing to my heart's content.
I'm available for hire all year round for comics, cartoons, animation, illustrations, storyboarding, and general art projects.

Apr 11 '13
Day 21- Molotov Cocktease.Another day, another warm up.Did you know guys know I love Venture Bros.?Did you also know it comes back in May?Good things coming this spring.

Day 21- Molotov Cocktease.

Another day, another warm up.

Did you know guys know I love Venture Bros.?
Did you also know it comes back in May?

Good things coming this spring.

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